From Winds of Change … exciting EGF conference

The EGF team and the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern have the pleasure of being the host to the final European Globalisation Adjustment project for the Danish projects, providing targeted training and support for business creation to the many people, who where made redundant by Vestas.

There will be delegates from 11 EU countries, experts in implementing EGF/ESF projects, policy makers, stakeholders, and the actual beneficiaries. In the plenum sessions we will have inspiring keynote addresses from the European Commission, from the Danish Business Authorities and from the EGF team together with our EGF beneficiaries, followed by a visionary pep talk by one of the authors of, Mika Aaltonen.

And since the greatest impact and learning effect can be reached by involving the people, the second part of the conference will be devoted to an Open Space Workshop, facilitated by our experts from Futour.IT, Paolo and Elisa to find solutions how to use EGF (and ESF) funding more effective to create new businesses and develop competencies in people to make our economies, labour markets, and the people more immune to cope with future economic crises and globalization – for a brighter Europe.

If you forgot you register, well that’s a pity, because you will really miss a lot, but we will be sharing the outcomes of the conference and workshop with you. Links to the report will be published here.

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